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Pastoral Ministry
This major course of study equips the student for full-time pastoral ministry in the local church.
TH-424 Submission & Authority
This course will help students develop a scriptural understanding of submission to authority as God has ordained it, within the home, the local church, and the universal Church.

TH-444 Ministerial Ethics
This course sets a standard of excellence in ethical conduct. It exposes common ethical problems faced by ministers and provides preventive strategies.

BI-404 Pastoral Epistles
This course studies Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, emphasizing qualifications for the ministry.

BI-432 The Gospel of John
This course explores the overall content of John’s account of Jesus’ life and ministry, the book’s purpose, and related teachings.

CC-402 Counseling w/Scriptures
This course trains students in the necessary and appropriate use of Scripture as the foundation for all Christian counseling. Emphasizes a balanced look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the counsel.

ED-401 Teaching The Bible
This course provides practical help with the process of teaching the Bible: lesson plan preparation, presentation of spiritual truths, and how to evaluate what students have learned.

TH-451-452 Practical Pastoral Ministry
These courses prepares the student with a rich, well-rounded program encompassing elements Church administration, Christian education, Christian counseling, music, and theology, preparing the pastor to lead the church in all areas of ministry

MP-400 Ministry Practicum
Seniors must fulfill their ministry practicum requirement in a function related to their major. These hours can be fulfilled either as volunteer work or as paid employment. 50% of hours must be in teaching and/or preaching. Ministry practicum hours must be valid volunteer work sanctioned by the student's local church providing training for the student and helping that church. Functioning in a paid ministerial capacity at that local church also qualifies. It does not include student ministry independent of a local church. This service, verified by a church leader, earns the student 3 credit-hours.
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