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Christian Counseling
Christian Counseling is an essential part of ministry to the Church. In the day and hour that we live, the Body of Christ is greatly affected by the problems that plague our surrounding society. (This program needs at least 3 students taking the program)
CC-451 Intro To Christian Counseling
This course provides the foundation for biblical-based Christian counseling. Salvation by faith is God's method for making us whole - and salvation works! It is the Christian Counselor's job to help the client overcome the problems in his or hers life that are hindering this process.

CC-452 Faith Therapy
This course teaches the basic principles of Faith Therapy, providing a description of the process of applying faith to both common and deeply-rooted problems. It address the role of the anointing in the counseling process.

CC-456 Effective Counseling Skills
This course teaches how to listen and observe a client; how to ask open-ended questions, paraphrase and summarize their answers; as well as how to connect and when to confront a client.

CC-409 Temperament Theory
This course gives students an understanding of the different types of temperaments and insight into how to improve our daily interactions with others.

CC-457 Marriage Counseling
This course gives biblical foundations for a lasting marriage. It covers gender differences, attachment, intimacy, as well as communication skills to help a client have marriage they've always wanted.

CC-458 Marriage & Family Issues
This course covers analyzing a marriage, the dynamics of family systems and parenting styles, developing love and respect, and dealing with divorce and remarriage. It gives the basis for hope-focused marriage counseling.

CC-453 Transformation
This course provides a comprehensive method for Christian counseling derived directly from the Bible and in-depth biblical answers for many of the more complex and difficult psychological problems faced in the church.

CC-454 Difficult Counseling Issues
This course gives models from the Bible for dealing with fear, stress, anxiety, depression, addictive and abusive behavior, and covers how to deal with demonic influences.

CC-479 Wonderful Counseling
This course teachers students how to minister healing to the broken-hearted while they learn to flow with the Holy Spirit as "The Wonderful Counselor".

MP-400 Ministry Practicum - Senior
Seniors must fulfill their ministry practicum requirement in a function related to their major. These hours can be fulfilled either as volunteer work or as paid employment. 50% of hours must be in teaching and/or preaching. Ministry practicum hours must be valid volunteer work sanctioned by the student's local church providing training for the student and helping that church. Functioning in a paid ministerial capacity at that local church also qualifies. It does not include student ministry independent of a local church. This service, verified by a church leader, earns the student 3 credit-hours.
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