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Christian Education
NOTE: Pursuing a degree in a field other than Theology at this campus is dependent on several factors including:
  1. Having a qualified instructor in that area of study
  2. Student interest on that campus in that area of study
A one-time Specialized Program Fee of $100 may be charged.

Our School of Christian Education equips the student for teaching in a Christian Education program for a Christian school, a local congregation, or Bible training program encompassing children, youth, and/or adults. It is also designed to prepare those interested in Primary and Secondary Christian School Administration.
ED-402 Intro To Christian Education
Enjoy a Spirit-led classroom environment! This course shows the differences between a Christian education and one based on secular humanism.

ED-403 Educational Psychology for the Christian Teacher
This course provides a comprehensive study of the principles underlying the teaching-learning process. Reach every student, no matter what their learning style. Make class enjoyable!

ED-414 Spirit-Led Classroom Management
This course covers the practical application of education theories. Anticipate and prevent everyday problems. Experience success from day one!

ED-405 Educating Children & Youth from a Christian Perspective
Start young people off right in a life-long walk of faith! This course explores the characteristics and needs of young people and how to teach them to turn to God to meet those needs.

ED-406 Educating Adults
How do you motivate adult learners? Learn to attract adult students and keep them interested, ever learning, and ever increasing in faith.

ED-401 Teaching The Bible
This course provides practical help with the process of teaching the Bible: lesson plan preparation, presentation of spiritual truths, and how to evaluate what students have learned.

ED-415 Ministry of The Teacher
Learn to recognize the gifts God has given you as you answer the call to make a difference in the lives of those you teach.

ED-408 Christian Literature
Christian literature can make eternal truths real to our hearts. Learn to effectively use poetry, novels, and biographies to enhance your teaching.

ED-408 Child & Adolescent Counseling
This course examines the challenges facing children and adolescents today and prepares classroom teachers with skills to provide the first line of defense for their students.

MP-400 Ministry Practicum
100% of ministry practicum is held within its field.
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