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Master's Program
The Master's Level Program contains courses grouped in "tracks" which provide a subject concentration focused on the student's major filed of study.

Master's Level Entrance Requirements
Theology candidates must have earned a Bachelor's Degree with a Theological major from a recognized college or university. Leveling courses may be required. If the Bachelor's Degree is in an unrelated field, sixty (60) credit-hours of biblical foundation courses are required before starting at the Master's level. (Experienced ministers: please contact your Director for information and forms to apply for Ministry Life Experience credit)

A Master's Degree is awarded to a student who successfully completes 36 credit-hours of study at the graduate level. The Master's in Pastoral Ministry degree prepares the student with a rich, well-rounded program encompassing elements Church administration, Christian education, Christian counseling, music, and theology, preparing the pastor to lead the church in all areas of ministry.

Each track is made up of 9 courses, 1 Ministry Practicum for 3 credit-hours, and a formal thesis worth 6 credit-hours for a total of 36 credit-hours. (A master's candidate has the option of substituting two (2) pre-approved elective courses in lieu of the formal, 50-page-minimum thesis.)

See the Admissions page for entrance requirements and advanced placement credits.
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