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Christian Theology
This major course of study is for students who desire to expand their training and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and theology. NOTE: The courses listed for this program in Theology are suggested ONLY for students who have already completed the undergraduate programs 1 through 4 courses in Theology. Students who have not yet completed the undergraduate programs 1 through 4 should take them now as a graduate level.
TH-502 Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation)
This course teaches the various types of biblical interpretation and covers the principles and approaches for a correct understanding of each type.

TH-503-504 Modern Cults & False Religions of The World 1 & 2
This course provides a critique of the seven major world religions. In addition, the course will briefly survey the major cultic structures that have arisen in the United States (Jehovah Witness, Mormonism, Unity, etc.) that are providing the greatest challenge to the Church today.

TH-406 Education Adults
This course provides a study of the characteristics and needs of adults in the local congregation.

BI-432 The Gospel of John
This course explores the overall content of John's account of Jesus' life and ministry, the book's purpose, and related teachings.

BI-404 Pastoral Epistles
This course studies the Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus, emphasizing qualifications for the ministry.

TH-506 Expository Preaching
This course helps students prepare and deliver sermons that will bring the Scriptures to life.

MU-404 True Worship
This course provides an understanding of the Scriptural differences between praise and true worship. After examining biblical accounts of true worshippers, it shows both why and how each believer should enter their own "secret place" of worship.

CC-402 Counseling w/Scriptures
This course trained students in the necessary and appropriate use of Scriptures as the foundation for all Christians counseling. Emphasizes a balanced look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the counselee.

MP-500 Ministry Practicum
Ministry Practicum gives students academic credit for volunteer ministry in their local church. NOTE: Ministry Practicum credit will only be granted after a student has completed 9 courses with this institute.

WR-500 Master's Thesis
This 50-page, formal paper on a topic related to the student's major area of study counts for 6 credit-hours. Guidelines for a writing a Master's Thesis are available from the Director. NOTE: A student may substitute the Thesis for 2 additional courses.
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