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Advisory Council
The Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council is formed to assist the directors in keeping the vision of our campus. The advisory council is made up of nine members, which consist of: two ex-officio, three graduates, three instructors, and a student.
The following by-laws were approved by the board on October 21, 2013
Article I - Authorization

Section 1. This advisory council is established pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of Life Christian University Main Campus and shall be called Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council.

Section 2. Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council is part of Life Christian University of the local and main campus. In accordance with the main campus, the Advisory Council is responsible to the Director and Administrator of the Palm Bay campus and the president of Life Christian University. All activities of Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council shall be subject to the Director of the Palm Bay Campus and the rules and policies of Life Christian University.
Article II - Responsibilities and Duties

Section 1. Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council is an advisory organization and shall serve the Palm Bay Campus in a manner determined by the director of the unit subject to the approval of the institution’s president. Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council shall work with the director and administrator to determine its role in the development of LCU Palm Bay Campus.
Article III - Membership

Section 1. Membership. Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council shall consist of 9 members with voting privileges recommended by the directors of the Palm Bay campus in conjunction with the voting members. The council shall ensure that at the time of their appointment, each individual member receives a copy of these Bylaws and is notified of their term of office along with the expectations and responsibilities of membership. The membership roster of the Council shall be reported to the Directors prior to August 1st of the Academic year. The director and the administrator of the Palm Bay Campus shall be ex-officio members with voting privileges.

Section 2. Term of Appointment – All members shall serve for 2-year term with the option to be re-appointed for 1 additional 2-year term. Terms of appointment are staggered so that only a one-third of the membership terms expire each year. Each term begins on the concurrent meeting of the appointment year. The director of the campus has discretion to relieve any member of the Advisory Council from membership prior to the end of the member’s term of appointment.

Section 3. Attendance – All members are required to attend each meeting designated by the council, chair, and/or director. The majority of the council, may petition to remove a member from the council, due to inconsistent attendance. Inconsistent attendance, without prior approval from the chair and/or ex-officio, will consist of 4 subsequent meetings.

Section 4. Duty of Members and Conflict of Interest – It shall be the duty of each member to conduct any efforts undertaken on behalf of the Council within the scope of the responsibilities and duties of the Council as provided in the Bylaws and in compliance with the University policy. It shall be the duty of each individual member to avoid conflicts of interest.

A “conflict of interest” exists when a member has a personal or private relationship or interest that could reasonably be expected to diminish the member’s independence of judgment in performing official duties. Examples include a member’s financial interest in an entity that is transacting business with Life Christian University, or Palm Bay Campus Advisory Council or the member’s solicitation or acceptance of a gift, favor, service, or other benefit that might reasonably tend to influence the member in performing official duties, or that a member knows or should know is being offered with that intent.

A member who becomes aware of a conflict of interest must provide timely written notice to the Council chair and the directors. The director or council chair shall take appropriate steps to address any conflicts of interest of which he or she is made aware.
Article IV - Officers

Section 1. Manner of Election - The election of new officers and new Council membership rules and policies shall proceed by voice vote.

Section 2. Number of Officers - The officers of the Council shall be a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and ex-officio.

Section 3. Election of Officers and Term of Office - Each officer of the Council shall be elected by a majority of the voting members of the Council and shall hold office for 2 years.

Section 4. Schedule of Elections – Chair and Secretary will be elected on even ending year and Vice-Chair will be elected on odd ending year. Officers shall be elected at the regular April meeting of the Council. Current sitting officers may be re-elected for the same position or a different officer position for a maximum of one additional 2-year term.
Section 5. Duties of Officers

The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Council; shall be responsible for the general direction of the affairs of the Council, and shall be the official representative of the Council. The chair shall ensure that an accurate copy of the Bylaws is filed with director and administrator of the Palm Bay Campus. The chair shall cause accurate minutes of the Council’s proceedings to be kept, and shall file copies of all minutes with the director, administrator, and secretary. The chair shall, in conjunction with director of the Palm Bay Campus, be responsible for complying with any reporting requirements regarding plans, programs and activities of the Advisory Council.

In addition to his or her duty to disclose Conflicts of Interest as required by Article III, Section 4, the chair shall review all such disclosures, cooperate as directed with the actions of the president in response to such disclosures, (and as appropriate, report the disclosure and related action to the relevant Advisory Council Committee). The chair shall likewise report to the director and the president any material problems identified by Advisory Council members. In the absence or disability of the chair, the vice-chair shall preside and serve in his/her place.

The vice-chair shall serve in the absence of the chair and to automatically succeed to the office of chair in case of the officer’s death, impeachment, or resignation. The vice-chair shall preside over a designated standing committee deemed by the Chair and/or the Director of the Palm Bay Campus. Additional responsibilities may be assigned the Chair and/or the Director of the Palm Bay Campus for the betterment of the Council and/or the campus.

The secretary shall take the minutes at all meetings and submit them for approval to the membership following meeting. The secretary shall serve as custodian of Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus’ records. The secretary shall keep the official membership roll and documents each attendance and absence. The secretary shall ensure that officers, committee members, and council members are notified when elected or appointed, and are given any necessary papers. The secretary shall preside over the election of a temporary chairman for a meeting if the chair and vice-chair are absent.
Article V - Finances

Financial support of Life Christian University Advisory Council shall be provided exclusively by the budget of Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus. Such budgets will be made through established budgetary procedures. The Advisory Council’s receipts and expenses must be budgeted and accounted for in separate accounts. The accounts must be specifically identifiable in the detail of the operating budget.
Article VI - Meetings

Section 1. Life Christian University Palm Bay Advisory Council shall hold at least quarterly meetings each year: July, November, February, and May.

Section 2. Special meetings of the Council shall be held as determined by the Council or upon call of the chair or upon request in writing signed by at least three members. There shall be at least seven days’ prior written (email) notice of such special meetings to all members of the Advisory Council. The chair or director may call each meeting, as he or she deems necessary.

Section 3. The exact date and place of holding meetings shall be as fixed by the Council, or in the call issued for the meeting.

Section 4. Decisions will be made by a majority vote of those members with voting privileges present in person at the meeting.
Article VII - Quorum

Five voting members shall constitute a quorum.
Article VIII - Committees

Section 1. The chair is authorized to establish such committees and its chair, as he or she may deem appropriate.

Section 2. Special Committees – Special Committees shall be established for specific purpose, and they cease to exits after the task assigned to them is completed and the committee makes its final report.

Section 3. Standing Committees – Established to serve a permanent and continuing function for the advisory council. Standing committees will consist of: Alumni Committee, Student Affairs Committee, and Information Technology Committee.

Section 4. Election of Standing Committee Chairs – Each committee chair shall be nominated and second by a voting member of the advisory council and it most receive 2/3 of the majority vote.

Section 5. Number in Standing Committee – Each committee shall consist of at least, but not limited, to 1 student from each academic level from the current academic year. Each committee may seek a non-LCU student as a consultant; the consultant shall not obtain voting rights.

Section 4. Duties of Committee – Each committee is charged with the responsibility to faithfully uphold this bylaws and the vision set for by the main campus and the Palm Bay campus.

Alumni Committee – The Alumni Committee is to develop and enhance the involvement of the University’s alumni and future alumni in supporting the mission and goals of the University. In addition, to build relationships with alumni and current students, to promote and enhance effective communications between the University and its alumni, to ensure the quality of our future alumni by continuing to assist the University in identifying and recruiting future students, and to encourage financial support of the institution.

Student Affairs Committee – The Student Affairs Committee evaluates current policies for non-academic matters of student life, as well as proposing editions and new policies to better adjust to the ever changing aspects of student life in the campus community. Areas the committee examines include, but are not limited to, student organizations, extracurricular activities, and the general concerns of the student body.

Information Technology Committee - The Information Technology Committee is an advisory body for policy and planning for information technology throughout the university. In performing its functions, it shall consult with such groups and individuals as it feels may be able to provide valuable advice. It may request such reports on budgets, personnel policies, and other topics as are necessary for it to make informed judgments and recommendations. It shall establish such subcommittees as are necessary to carry out its functions.
Article IX - Ammendments

These Bylaws may be amended at a special meeting called for the Amendment of the Bylaws by vote of a majority of the members of the Council; provided the notice of such meeting states that amendment of the Bylaws is to be considered. Amendment procedures shall follow the Robert’s Rules of Order. However, all Bylaws are subject to, and must be consistent with, the mission and vision of Life Christian University Palm Bay Campus and as of the main campus.
Article X - General Rules and Procedures

Questions of procedure and organization that are not specifically covered herein are raised in connection with these Bylaws, then the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order or its successor publication, if any, shall control.
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